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IPC Eagle HydroTube 12' Pkg 1.5 Story
IPC Eagle
 HydroTube 12' Pkg 1.5 Story

This system is compact and portable. Easily moved in and out of vehicles, up and down stairs, and across any terrain. This system has the unique ability to produce a high volume of pure water on normal tap pressure. 4 Stage Filtration system which includes reverse osmosis, and deionization process to produce mineral free water providing incredible cleaning action and spot free windows and hard surfaces. HIGH PRODUCTIVITY - up to 10 times faster than ladders. SAFE - Clean safely from the ground. EFFECTIVE - Cleans entire window, frame and non-porous surfaces (no dirty ledges). ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - does not use any chemicals. WINDOWS STAY CLEANER LONGER - no chemical residue to attract dirt. FAST ROI (Return of Investment) EASY TO USE - any one can be the world's fastest window cleaner. Hydro Tube with 12' Telescopic Fiberglass Pole, 5" gooseneck and 14" Speed Brush. This system will clean 4000-5000 square feet of window per hour. Traditional method of squeegee, rags, solution can clean 400-600 SF per hour. Quadruple filtration makes the water pure, less than 10 PPM hardness. Produces water at $.03 per gallon.

Price: $1675.00

Part #:
HT12 - Pkg
CALL TO ORDER - 480.632.7105

Manufacturer: IPC Eagle

Multiple quantity discount available. E-mail us for details.

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