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Dial Soft Scrub Liquid Cleanser w/Bleach 24 oz.
 Soft Scrub Liquid Cleanser w/Bleach 24 oz.

Tough on dirt without harsh scratching. Removes stains and soap scum. Ideal for sinks, countertops, toilets, ceramic tile, etc. 24 oz. Clog-free bottle. Cleanser w/Bleach is an EPA Registered disinfectant formula. Recommended Uses Bathtubs Gets rid of unsightly buildup caused by dirt, soap scum and mildew. No more bathtub rings! Tiles Removes soapy film and leaves tiles gleaming. Sinks Bleaches away the toughest kitchen and bathroom stains. Toilets Disinfects and keeps all surfaces sparkling clean. Countertops Kills germs and safely cleans most countertops, including Corian®, granite and laminates, without scratching. Stovetops Cuts through whatever you can cook up: kitchen grease, oil and grime. Glass Shower Doors Removes unsightly soap scum and keeps glass sparkling. Pots and Pans Removes tough, baked on stains from stainless steel, enamel and cast iron cookware.

Price: $5.74

Part #:
DIAL01602 - Each
CALL TO ORDER - 480.632.7105

Manufacturer: Dial

Multiple quantity discount available. E-mail us for details.

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