Screen cleaning made very easy

Remember how good your screens looked when they were new? Screen Magic can return them to that look. It cleans without wiping, scrubbing or rinsing and more importantly doesn’t streak. How much easier can this get?


Screen magic allSpray it on and let it dry.  The only place you might have to wipe would be the frame if you got some drips going on there.

I tried this stuff…personally.  A dirty, dusty sunscreen….removed it from the window….sprayed it on…WOW!  It was perfectly clean and returned to it’s original color.  I didn’t scrub, wipe or rinse it…I didn’t touch it after I sprayed it.  I let it dry…took about 20 minutes and then I replaced it on the window.



screen before and afterIt comes in ready-to-use 24oz spray which should clean approximately 25 screens.  Also available in two concentrates which make either a 2 gallon or 5 gallon dilution.

No more scrubbing with soapy water or dry brushing.  Screen Magic cuts your labor in half if not more.




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