Preventing cross contamination

Fill a bucket or wash basin with your disinfecting cleaning solution and put as many cloths in it that you will need to clean the area you’re working in.  This cleaning method will result in less water usage which is always desirable. 

Always start with a clean cloth when you wipe or disinfect a surface.  Fold the cloth in half and half again, this provides you with eight fresh clean unused portions of cloth.   Add more clean cloths as necessary to complete cleaning area.   Never put the dirty used cloth back into the bucket/wash basin, this will result in cross contaminating the other cloths.  Start a pile or bag of dirty used cloths.

Dirty cloths should always be laundered in hot water to kill germs and bacteria.  Allow to thoroughly dry before re-use.

The number of times a surface is wiped is more important than the type of disinfectant used.  For best results, wipe the surface three times before moving on to another section or the next item to be wiped. The mechanical action of wiping the surface three times removes soil and keeps the surface damp which is important because most disinfectants need dwell time to kill the germs and bacteria.

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