Stripping and waxing your floor – not so easy

We have a lot of people that come in and want to know how to strip and wax their floors. After we give them a quick “how to” most of them reconsider this messy, time consuming job. We also tell them….”Once you coat a floor with wax/finish, you have to maintain it. It’s not just something you do every five years.”

Stripping a floor involves a chemical solution~ stripper. You slop it down, let it sit, agitate it, then mop it up. Then you rinse, rinse, rinse. If you don’t get all the stripper up, your floor finish will not adhere or perform like it should.

The floor finish comes next. You need to put very thin coats and depending on the floor, somewhere between 3-5 coats.

For the determined peeps, we can instruct you step by step. Don’t try to do this in a hurry or skip steps because it won’t pay off in the end. You will be disappointed in your results and mad at yourself for wasting a day¬†or whole weekend.

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